Sony Ericsson W890i Review

I have decided to do a review on this phone seeing that I have recentley come to own one. I effectivley signed the contact (a further 18 months with the carphone warehouse) by succombing to a 14 day trial use of the sony ericsson W890i, and then denting the back of it.
An alternative and lateral way to sign a contract I guess.

The all metal facsia has an effective locking mechanism on the back, shown in the photo below. it is effective because it is very strong but very easy to unclip once the two catches at the top are pushed up, although the design does not allow this to be done accidentally.It also has one of the best logos to date (top right) in my opinon, which is an indented "W" of a different colour metal.

Although the memory of the phone is good (over 2 gb), the camera is poor and pictures taken indoors are always yellow unless it is a gloriously sunny day. The lens is rubbish, and pictures generally don't take too well. It is a 3.2 megapixel camera, although megapixels don't determine a great deal in terms of picture quality. It also doesn't have a light, which is a bit disappointing considering the early models have and and that it is a much needed function because other rival models have it, but the main reason is because it is an extremely useful function. It would have been simple to put one on and not taken up much room but alas- no light. The volume on the loudspeaker is tiny and quiet compared with other earlier models made by sony, and through the earphones isnt much beter either- incidently, it doesn't take ear phones fom earlier models for some reason, even though the socket fits...
so, in summary:





Good points
Although the phone is weak in some areas, logic is not one of them. The software and the way it operates on the phone is very user friendly, and the slimness of the w890i has will give you mini-heart attacks and make you think its not there 'cos its that light weight. The buttons are thin aswell as giving a re-assuring click when they are pushed, which makes texting a bit easier;)
Its not fragile but its not really tough either.

Currently going for about £185-
not really worth the money, you'd be better off with another sony walkman model like the w810
which may still be in the offers section of the carphone warehouse.