Rhoads Bike car review

was on the internet the other day. a bit like you are now. but the difference was that I was semi working- a state I often fall into after 10 minutes of half heartedly (typo?) searching for a link to get for this site...

but I'm digressing.

I found this really cool contraption, (which doesn’t qualify as boys toy because it is not electric and has been superseded by the latest super bike xxx900 model (which interestingly enough goes 2% faster and makes you look ever so much baaaaadder.)

So here it is in all its glory^

If had a partner, I would secretly hope that she would nag me to get one. Then I would buy a new set of clothes and sunglasses and hey presto...we could go out for a secret ride together.
btw, if you clicked the link below and bought say, one each or one for a mate, you would make my day.

You actually would contribute happiness to my dull 24 hour stint.

Controlling the known world

Out of habit, I always make blog posts sensational. Yet, when you zoom out and realize the potential of the advice (if followed correctly), the title becomes more meaningful and the hype decreases.

In this post I will identify a rule which will help you you to improve you videos which you produce. Whether it is How-to's or comedy, this rule will help to keep your vidoes looking more proffessional.

Vlogging is becoming more popular all the time and "artists" who use youtube now have the opportunity to earn money off the adverts in the top right hand corner. Hence, the ability to create short interesting videos becomes more vital to "money gitters".
By realizing the main rule behind producing any good video (excluding how-to's), you can become something of a tarantino. That should have been a capital T.
What do I mean to say in this post? Well...

In this movie particularly (though it is true of his other ones) he leads by example when it comes to playing a god. In other words, he creates a scene/set that he is completely in control of. So many amateurs include things, (intentional or non-intentional) that communicate a message that is against the impression they are trying to create. Or, they don't add the small things that create the impression they are trying to create. A crumpled coke can could say 1000 words, given the right environment...this is a caricature but hopefully you get the picture.

Everything that the lense picks up is there for a reason. And everything picked up by the lense should be analysed for the potential it has, within a given scenario?
When you display a control of everything in your video, you have completed a stage to producing a watchable video.

One rule people see eye-to-eye on is the importance of making how-to's generic. Unless you are getting payed to advertise.

P.S. When Mr Pink grabs the diamonds at the end (when everyone has been shot) he walks like a rat and you hear the noise similar to a rat just as he snatches them up. Reservoir Dogs are rats.

i think not

Make sense? Feedback appreciated.

Vodafone scam

I've chosen to avoid them in future, to shun their shrewdness.
The reason I found Vodafone awkward is because they try and get an extra month phone contract out of you, and it seems to be hardwired into every vodafone employee to ignore or gloss over any question that concerns terminaing your contract with them. I tried it several times.

You cannot cancel over the phone, or online, or in the shop.
The is no info in store, online or on the bills.

I asked twice in a conversation and was avoided the answer the first time. I looked on vodaphones website and searched around...nothing. Played around with keywords and still nothing. Eventually I got titled articles but no explanation in the content. I called them up in the end. Eventually I Found out how to cancel a Mobile phone contract with vodaphone. You have to write to:

Vodaphone Ltd,
PO BOX 549
OX17 3ZJ

and give them 30 days notice! So I sent off a letter with my account number and mobile number in as requested and waited.


I called them again and apparentley nothing had shown up on their system. I sent another letter via recorded delivery in the end.
Because I work 9-5 like most people, I have to wait all week to send it via recorded delivery, then it has to get there- (it takes longer when its posted at the week end) I have to wait for a post office to be open which adds another week or so onto the time and hence more money for them. It takes time to get to the post office and you have to write and pay for the letter, not to mention the processing time and two weeks delay...

I think they charged about £20 in the end!

They really do make it incredibly hectic for someone who has just been their customer for 18 months...

My advice is go to 02.